BigFoot 4x4 Challenge

BigFoot 4x4 Challenge 1.0

It is a free truck racing game with realistic graphics and sound effects

BigFoot 4x4 Challenge is a free racing game. As it is clear from the game's name you will drive a bigfoot truck across fields, mountains, water, etc. and your goal is to be the first. You will be able to choose the kind of race, either Sprint or Event.

In the Sprint race you will need to compete with other racers in speed and drive under burning arches. You should be fast enough not only to outrun the competitors but also to drive under arches just in time as they disappear after some seconds. The results of the race will depend only on your time. In the Event race you will need to capture a flag and drive with it as much time as you can. If one of your competitors captures the flag first you can run him down and take the flag away in a "battle", and then your task will be to drive as fast as you can, so that your competitors could not take the flag away from you. As it is clear, the results of this race will depend on both items: the speed and the time you drive with the flag. Winning each race will bring you money that you may spend to upgrade your truck.

At the first view BigFoot 4x4 Challenge seems to be just like all other race games, but it is not. It is a really entertaining game with cool graphics, music and nice realistic sound effects. As for me, I surely liked it.

Andrew Do
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  • Free
  • Really entertaining
  • Good graphics and music
  • Realistic sound effects


  • The F1 hot key to open the help file does not work
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